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Regularly oiling and lubricating your car’s internal components is essential to minimize the friction between them and the resulting wear and tear, and reduction in overall life of the car. Also, periodical oiling prevents build up of impurities and any damage to the engine of the car.

Our oiling and lubrication services include:

  1. Replacement of Oil Filter – An oil filter primarily protects the engine and a poor performing oil filter restricts adequate fuel flow to the engine. This results in increased fuel costs and reduction in engine life.
  2. Replacement of Auxiliary Oils – Apart from the oil filter in the engine, there are several other systems, whose smooth and efficient functioning is dependent on the quality of the oil / lubricant maintained in them. These include:
    1. Automatic Transmission system
    2. Gearbox
    3. Steering wheel
    4. Clutch, Brakes and Accelerators

We recommend everyone to get their cars’ inspected for oiling and lubrication at least once in 6 months, as oiling does not cost much, and it helps in minimizing probable high costs in the future in the event of severe damages to the car.

At Gardiners Garage, we offer a full range of oils and lubricants, from which you can select the one which would be most suitable for your car’s model and make, or our skilled mechanics can always make a recommendation for your car.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Gardiners Garage (Gardiners Group)

    Gardiners Garage truly has the best team of mechanics and they provide a full range of car repair services. They are thorough professionals and deliver world-class service.

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