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Log Book Servicing refers to the regular maintenance of a car as per the specifications of the car’s manufacturer, to ensure that the car remains eligible for claiming warranty when needed. A common misconception is that one should get their car serviced only by the car manufacturer or dealer in order to maintain its warranty. But this is untrue, because according to the ACCC regulations, a car’s warranty can be maintained even if the servicing is done by any authorised service centre, as per the log book of the manufacturer.

At Gardiners Group, we are proud to have been licensed for conducting log book servicing for our customers. Thus, if you bring in your log book with your car for it’s servicing, our qualified mechanics will:

  1. Ensure that all the components are checked and replaced as per the quality specifications of the log book
  2. Replace fluids as per the time intervals specified
  3. Comply with manufacturer’s instructions for servicing
  4. Stamp and sign your log book

Log Book Servicing will not only maintain your car’s warranty, but it can also help you to preserve its resale value and increase the life of your car.

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  1. Rated 5 out of 5

    Gardiners Garage (Gardiners Group)

    Gardiners Garage truly has the best team of mechanics and they provide a full range of car repair services. They are thorough professionals and deliver world-class service.

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